Fitshipper has become VESYL!

We are excited to announce that after months of work we are officially rebranding to VESYL. As of 9/25/23 you will see VESYL branding.

Same great tech, same great support just with a new name.

Cloud Based Ecommerce Warehouse Management and Multi-Carrier Shipping Software.

Designed for 3PLs and for D2C ecommerce brands.
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Warehouse Management

Manage your Warehouse, Inventory, Orders, and Shipping in one place

Tote Picking

Pick multiple orders at a time.
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Batch Picking

Automatically pick groups of orders and print pick tickets.
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Batch Printing

Print up to 1,000 labels at once.
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Multiple Warehouses

Route orders to the appropriate warehouse.
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Rate Shopping

Rate shop across all major carriers.
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Carrier Integrations

All major commercial, regional, and international carriers.
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Don't want to batch?

Stay organized by picking and packing via scanner or a tablet.

Simple and Easy

Hosted in the cloud and web based, which allows for easy and fast setup and easy troubleshooting. Simple and modern user interface makes it easy to learn.


Need something else? We are designed to be flexible and customizable. Let us know what you need and we’ll work with our development team to make it happen.
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Mark up all of your rates, including USPS. Stop losing money on USPS!
Assign Pick/Pack/Ship rates per ‘owner’/ client
Add miscellaneous charges
Quickbooks integration and Simple Invoicing
Segment users by client, and add unlimited users for 1 fee
Inventory Management - Manage items and bundles and manage purchase orders.
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Are you a 3PL or shipping over 300 packages a day?
Check out Fitshipper WMS, our completely customizable warehouse managment, order management, and inventory management solution.